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Choosing the Right Boca Walk-In Tub for Your Bathroom

green measuring tapeA walk-in tub is designed to make bathing safe and relaxing, so we want to order process to be as painless as possible as well. When you are planning your walk-in bathtub installation, ask yourself these questions before beginning the ordering process.

What Features Do I Need?

Your new Boca Walk-In Tub already comes with a wide range of features to make your tub safe and enjoyable, but did you know that there are many other features you can add to your installation? We create custom walk-in tubs, so you can get the exact tub to meet your needs. Choose additional features like jets, a bidet, or grab bars depending on what you want from your bathing experience. Find a full list of available features here.

What Size Do I Need?

To choose the correct size for your new custom walk-in tub, you will need to select the right size. Provide our team with measurements of your tub and shower area as well as the width of your door to ensure a good fit.

What is the Existing Tub Like?

Our walk-in tub manufacturers will also need to know what kind of tub or shower you already have, to make the installation process easier. Do you have tile walls or a one-piece tub and shower unit?

What Kind of Water Heater Do I Have?

The size of your water heater is also significant to know before you begin the installation process for your step-in tub. We recommend a 50 gallon or larger water heater for the standard size tub. You will need a 75 gallon or larger model for deeper, wider, or two-seater models.

Need more help ordering your new Boca Walk-In Tub? View our ordering guide.