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ADA-Compliant Walk-In Bathtubs for Safer Bathing

man reading in a wheelchairWhen you live with mobility issues, everyday tasks can be a struggle – especially bathing.  Boca believes that everyone should have the ability to enjoy a relaxing bath with minimal or no assistance – that’s why we offer the best walk-in bathtubs in the industry.

Our Tubs Are ADA-Compliant – One of the main reasons that people choose our walk-in tubs is to increase the safety of their bathrooms. Our tubs feature an ADA-compliant seat height, as well as other safety features to make bathing safer for people with mobility issues.

The Lowest Threshold – Many walk-in tubs have a step-in threshold as high as 6-9”. This is unacceptable if you suffer from mobility issues. Our frameless step-in bathtubs feature a threshold of 0-2.5”, making them much safer to use.

An Array of Safety Features – Our top-rated walk-in tubs come standard with an array of safety features, and can be customized to add additional safety measures. We can create a custom walk-in tub that meets your unique needs with the following safety features:

  • Anti-Skid on the seat and floor
  • Comfort-Curve door design which can easily be closed from a sitting position
  • Grab bars

When you need an ADA-compliant bathtub, contact Boca Walk-In Tubs at 1-800-903-8095. We can create a custom bathtub that meets your needs.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

woman sleeping peacefullySeniors can benefit from the ease of use of walk-in tubs, but there are many other advantages to purchasing a Boca tub. When you add hydrotherapy features like jets to your custom walk-in bathtub, you can enjoy hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home. Hydrotherapy is used for many different purposes to improve your health.

Pain Relief – Massaging jets provide pain relief to aching muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy has also been shown to reduce arthritis pain because it opens up your blood vessels and increases your range of motion. Hot water can also reduce muscle tension, which can relieve fibromyalgia pain.

Relaxation – Hot water and steam are great for relaxation. A soak in a hydrotherapy tub opens blood vessels to improve circulation and relax your muscles. It also provides an escape from the pressure of daily life. Listen to classical music while you soak in your tub for a spa-like atmosphere.

Improved Sleep – The tension relief and improved circulation provided by hydrotherapy can also help you sleep better at night. A soak before bed can help you wind down and sleep peacefully through the night.

Boca provides custom walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy features like jets and heated seats. Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy when you call us today at 1-800-903-8095 to order your custom walk-in tub.