About Our Walk-In Tub Manufacturers

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Boca Walk-In Tubs manufactures high-quality custom walk-in tubs in the USA. With the most unique design in the world, the Diamond Elite series allows for the lowest, safest, step-in threshold of any walk-in tub on the market. At Boca, we provide all the features and options available for walk-in tubs today, included heated hydrotherapy, whirlpool, and soothing water jet therapies, non-slip surfaces, grab  bars, ergonomic faucets, latches, and controls, easy-to-use hand shower access, chromatherapy, and more – all backed by our industry best lifetime warranty.

Our Company

Like many other small businesses, our walk-in tub manufacturers have small beginning roots. The business started in Bob and Carol’s garage in Marietta, Georgia. Bob Sauers had begun selling walk-in tubs to homeowners and saw firsthand what obstacles customers were faced with when it came to bathing and staying in their homes longer. This was when Bob decided to create a walk-in tub that would truly benefit the customer.

His mission was to create a better product at a price that was more affordable for the customer. With most walk-in tub users needing access to bathing due to mobility or health issues, Bob set out to design a walk-in tub that would enable customers to enter freely and not have the concerns they face with competing walk-in tubs. To start, he set out to design a frameless walk-in bathtub. Boca offers the lowest step-in in the industry and can provide a 0-2” threshold. Most walk-in tubs on the market have a 4-9” step-in height and that “walk-in” height was just not acceptable when considering a true walk-in experience.

Upon research, it was discovered that most tub shells, whether imported or “made in the USA” contained materials that originated in China. Boca is certified Made in the USA, and we are proud to have a rating of over 90% as American Made. This means our product was tested right down to the origination of each screw and every single part of the tub to determine that it was made in America.

We have continued to purchase equipment to build our manufacturing facility and keep processes internal to control the quality of the product. We not only manufacture the tub from the handmade molds in-house, but we have invested in other machinery such as CNC routers and metal fabrication equipment to produce the tub components internally. Today, Boca operates a 32,000 square foot facility in Woodstock, GA, and we look forward to growing with our customers.

“BOCA” stands for Bob (“BO”) and Carol (“CA”) and even though the company has grown to a nationally known product today; the company remains true to its mission and purpose of creating the product. Boca aims to manufacture a superior walk-in tub at an affordable price. As Bob has said himself, “If there is any component of the tub that we can improve—we do.” This is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Boca Walk-In Tub. Feel free to contact us today for more information!

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