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Frequently Asked Questions

To maintain the longevity of the high gloss finish we recommend a wipe over after every use with any non-abrasive cleaning liquid. It is also very important that you wipe around the door seal to remove any dirt or debris after every use. Damage to the door seal can invalidate the warranty. Your Air System will self-purge after 20 minutes of non-use, leaving the system clean and dry. Soft scrub or fiberglass cleaner can also be used for cleaning and purchased at stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.

Bubble bath can be used in moderation. The spa is very powerful, and bubbles will form rapidly. Salts should be added gradually to the bath to allow the salts to dissolve properly.

Yes, any GRP repair kit from a yacht chandler will repair the chip.

Yes, however, as a safety precaution, the air and water jet systems will automatically stop after 20 minutes but can be restarted at any time. There is also a 30 minute timer on the Comfort Warm system. This system can be restarted at any time after the automatic timer.

No, the door is fitted using a stainless-steel piano hinge which is very strong and will keep the door in its position. It is not designed to take the weight of a person. To lean on the door could result in door movement or misalignment and could cause a leak. This can also invalidate the warranty.

The only periodical maintenance that may need to be done is the tightening of the door handle, if the handle ever becomes loose. To do this, simply tighten the retaining locking nut until the required tension is acquired. Do not alter the door fittings, tamper with the hinge or try to get a closer fit on the seal. The tubs are completely water tested prior to leaving the factory and all the tolerances and clearances are factory set.

No, there is no need to. Never adjust, move, undo or tamper with the door hinge as this can invalidate the warranty.

To clean your whirlpool system, add two cups of bleach or white vinegar to a tub filled with warm water. Turn on the whirlpool system and allow it to run for the automatic 20 minute cycle. Once the 20 minute cycle has completed, the whirlpool system will shut off. At this time you can drain the walk in tub and rinse it out using the handheld shower wand. We suggest performing this cleaning cycle at least once a month and more often if needed. Repeat the cleaning cycle as needed to flush out the whirlpool system.

As the tub approaches your desired water level, be sure to sit down in your preferred position. If you are standing or not fully seated, the water level will rise when you submerge more of your body into the bath and can cause some spillage when air and whirlpool jets are activated.