Great Features Available for Your Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Our safe, walk-in tubs come standard with the lowest threshold available on the market, along with a wide array of additional safety features. In addition to these great features, we also offer a massive selection of other features that we can install for your comfort. When you work with us to design your custom-walk in tub, you ensure that you can bathe safely and stay in your home longer.

Every BOCA tub comes equipped with the following features:

  • Lowest Threshold Available (We create custom-built walk-in bath tubs that have the lowest step-in height of any other product: Only 0-2 1/2 inches. While most walk-in tubs have a 6-9" step-in, our proprietary frameless design allows us to produce safe tubs that offer a much lower step-in height.
  • Marine Grade gel coat/fiberglass material (BOCA tubs are made with high quality materials which are a step above the standard kitchen and bath materials)
  • Fast Fill Time (BOCA tubs feature a custom solid brass faucet with ¾” fill lines for a fast fill.)
  • Quick Drain (gravity fed quick drain)
  • Anti- Skid/Slip (located on seat and floor of all of our walk in tubs)
  • ADA compliant seat height
  • Easy Lock door/Leak Proof Design (BOCA Tubs are designed with an easy-to-use latch and a well-made door seal is backed a Leak Proof Guarantee)
  • Mold, Mildew and Bacteria-Resistant Finish
  • Automatic purge system (BOCA Tubs are built with an automatic system that dries out the lines each time a tub is used, preventing mold and mildew growth)
  • Comfort-Curve Door Design (This special door design allows for easy closing from a sitting position. It is also made from a solid polycarbonate material.)
  • Front Access Panel (Tub Maintenance is easy because the front panels of our tubs are removable)
  • Left hand or Right hand Entries Available
  • White/Cream in color (custom color matching available upon request)

Available Features on the BOCA Walk In Tub:

  • 18 Air Jets
  • 10 Water Jets
    *Our walk-in bath tubs can be designed to include 18 hydro air jets, 10 water jets, or a custom combination. There are usually installed around the seat back, but the positioning can be customized.
  • Bidet (personal hygiene jet located in the tub seat. Features a twistable “on/off” jet.)
  • Select-A-Flow Diverter for Water Jets (allows the user to divert the water jets from the back area down to the footwell of the tub)
  • Chromatherapy (light therapy)
  • Aromatherapy (scented beads that add an aroma to the air system when activated),/li>
  • Pure Bubbles/Micro Bubbles
  • Heated Seat
  • Syllent Motor (very quiet water pump/motor)
  • Heated Back
  • Wall Surroung System (fiberglass panels similar to 4” x 4” tile with bullnose)
  • Ozonator (optional cleaning system for jetting system)
  • Grab Bar (24") (wall mount grab bar)
  • Internal Grab Bar for Tub (6") (tub mount grab bar)
  • Shower Riser for Handheld (adjustable slide bar for handheld)
  • Additional Fill Panels (shelving for additional widths/lengths around the tub area)
  • Stock Fixture Colors Available: Chrome/Brushed Nickel/Bronze

Contact our team today to go over the details of your new walk-in bathtub installation. We offer custom walk-in bathtubs to customers throughout the country.