Experience the Benefits of Chromatherapy in Our Top-Rated Walk-In Tubs

Colors influence our minds more than we think. With a chromatherapy tub, you can combine the benefits of both hydrotherapy and chromatherapy into one of the most relaxing experiences imaginable. Chromatherapy is the use of colored light to enhance mood, a treatment that has been used by ancient Chinese and Egyptians as a healing technique. They theorized that visible light and colors could affect the body both physically and emotionally.

Combining Hydrotherapy and Chromatherapy

The soothing benefits of hydrotherapy are well known. Hydrotherapy can reduce body aches and pains, and set your mind at ease. With the addition of colored light in a chromatherapy tub, you can turn your bath into a fantastic spa experience.

Chromatherapy Color Meanings

Different colors affect our minds in different ways, and many chromatherapy treatments utilize a variety of colors to achieve health benefits.

  • Red – Red is good for circulation, increased appetite, and comfort.
  • Yellow – Yellow purportedly boosts the nervous system and is great for an achy body.
  • Orange – Orange is a cheerful hue used to boost mood and energy.
  • Blue – Blue is an excellent color for relaxation, calming both body and mind.
  • Purple – Purple is for tranquility and can help reduce anxiety.
  • White – White encourages clarity and can help with headaches.

A custom chromatherapy tub from Boca Walk-In Tubs allows you to cycle through the full spectrum of colors while you soak. Our chromatherapy system will cycle through the colors, and enables you to stop on whichever color you desire so that your light therapy is completely customized for your needs.

Getting the Most from Your Chromatherapy Tub

Boca’s top-rated walk-in tubs come with a wide variety of features to make your bathing experience more relaxing. Consider adding hydro air jets or water jets to your custom walk-in tub to massage your aching muscles and joints while you enjoy chromatherapy. You can also add an aromatherapy feature.

A Boca walk-in tub can be customized to address all of your senses for a truly relaxing and luxurious bath-time experience. Combined with our unique safety features like the lowest threshold available on the market, our custom walk-in tubs are a smart investment that you will enjoy for years to come.