Seniors – Consider These Upgrades for Your New Walk-In Tub

senior man with dogWe love making walk-in tubs for seniors because they enable older Americans to bathe safely, and remain in their own homes for longer. All Boca Walk-In Tubs come standard with great features like fast fill time, quick drain, anti-skid, leak-proof design, bacteria-resistant finish, comfort-curve design, and an ADA-compliant seat, among many others. For most, this is enough to create a pleasant bathing experience, but some of the additional features we offer can be especially beneficial to seniors.

Grab Bars – As we age, the risk of falling becomes greater. Installing grab bars, both in the tub and on the wall are a great way to ensure your safety when bathing. We recommend this feature for everyone who struggles with mobility.

Water Jets – Hydrotherapy is excellent for aching joints. Installing water jets in your custom walk-in tub can add even more benefits to your soak. The jets will massage away arthritis pain and aching muscles while you relax. Water jets also add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom.

Bidet – A bidet is a great way to maintain good hygiene, even when you struggle with arthritis. After using the bathroom, this feature gets you perfectly clean with minimum effort. Every bathroom experience should be a relaxing and easy one.

Heated Seat – Heat can help relax your muscles and painful joints, and can provide comforting warmth on a cold day. A heated seat only adds to the relaxation of your step-in bathtub and will leave you feeling amazing after a soak.

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